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Rules *READ*

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Rules *READ* Empty Rules *READ*

Post by Richard Maxwell on Thu Mar 21, 2013 3:03 pm

Welcome to Blackgaard's Castle. We hope you enjoy it here. But there are rules that you must follow.

No Spamming!
One of the most important things to remember. Spam slows down the server.

Stay on Topic!
Try your best to stay on topic. If you want to discuss something else, feel free to make a new topic about it.

Keep Avatar's Clean!
No obscene avatars. Try to keep them PG or PG-13. This is a kid's forum.

Keep Discussions Clean.
Also keep discussions PG rated.

Do not give out your password or any other personal information to any user on the board.

And please, try to use good grammar.

If you break any rules, the first 3 times you will get a PM reminding you not to do it again.
The 4th time, a 1 week ban.
The 5th, a 2 week ban.
The 6th, a 3 week ban.
Richard Maxwell
Richard Maxwell

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